Bulueflock is




Blue Flock started in 2015 with the aim of manufacturing and selling furniture, including contract products. Our mission is to embody the image of customers in 100% form. We aim to create satisfaction through time and effort as well as quality rather than efficiency and profit, and we are engaged in furniture production with reliable cooperating factories.




Blue Flock has the determination to take on any request, no matter how high the hurdles may be, and has the experience to realize those requests. We are proud to be involved in producing furniture for the enjoyment and pleasure of people who use the products. We carefully pour all of our know-how and passion that we have engraved on our hands and our hearts create each and every product.




The craftsmen who are responsible for furniture quality are also considered members of Blue Flock. We are aware of the fields of expertise of each factory in detail, and organize teams with optimal members for each project. By ordering the subdivided process to a highly skilled craftsman, we increase quality to the maximum level.



Blue flockは、「青い仲間」という意味です。「Blue(青)」は、若さや青臭さ。flock(仲間、群れ)」は、お客様と職人と私たち。新しい感覚を磨くことを忘れずに理想を追い続け、過程や喜びを社内外含め関わる皆で共有したい、そんな思いを込めています。

"Blue Flock" literally means "blue companions." "Blue" refers to youth and inexperience. "Flock" refers to the clients, craftsmen, and us. It contains the meaning of continuing to chase after ideals without forgetting to hone a new sense, desiring to share the process and joy among all persons involved, both inside and outside the company.